How do I finance My Missionary Trip?

Sitting among the congregation on this Sunday morning I listened so intently as the pastor taught about the great commission. He spoke on how many Christians have abandoned soul winning. His teaching struck something within me. I felt guilty and so sad that I have kept the light I have found under a covering rather than sharing it with a world in darkness. I thought within me that this may just be the time to participate in a missionary trip. At this time, it was still not clear if it was God who was leading me or just the Guilt I felt. One question stood clear however: How was I to raise funds to finance my trip? Was I being doubtful that God was able to provide for me? or was I just preparing another excuse to avoid leaving my comfort zone. Whether or not I was being doubtful, it was a question I had to answer sincerely. And this has really been one of the critical issues that has prevented many from participating in missionary trips.

So are you also wondering how you would raise funds for your missionary trip? Here are three key steps that have helped me and that would proof useful to you too and lay your fears to rest.

1.Draw out a plan: When I was in school, my local church back then usually embarked on medical evangelism almost every quarter to distant villages. During this trips free medicals care was given to the inhabitants of the villages before the word was preached. My wonder back then was how funds to buy so many drugs was raised. One thing I knew was that it didn’t come suddenly particularly from a congregation that was made up of students. The funds came from a lot of planning over a period of time. It was usually prayerfully planned that during a particular time in the year the church would be embarking on a missionary trip. Although the destinations where usually not known, Funds where carefully laid aside even as the church prayed for generous donation and support from people God would later raise. In the same way, God would definitely raise help for you to support your Godly intention to go and spread the word. But you need to draw a plan. So, make clear list of items you would be needing: From Flight tickets or bus fares to toiletries and begin to carefully set aside aside some money even as you also prayerfully expect Gods help. Doing this would show your commitment to the task and prevent you from becoming a burden to anyone.
2.Seek support: Now that you have drawn out a plan and are working towards it, it’s time to ask for support. One way to do this is to start from your local church. Let your local church be aware of your intentions and how God has led you to make this decision. Make sure to clearly state that you would be needing their financial support to cater for some the things would need for your trip. Do well to make a copy of the list of Items you would need available to them showing those you have already gotten and those still pending. Doing this would give others who are not able to go the opportunity to share in the blessings by sending their resources (Exodus 36:5). You can also seek support from friends and family members. Just as in the case of seeking help from the church make your intentions clear giving them the liberty to give of their own free will as you do this trust God that he will supply your needs according to his riches in Glory.
3.Pray about it: This is the final and most important step. Many time when God shows us a vision or lays burden in our hearts it is usually not clear how that vision would come to reality. But the more we pray about asking him for directions, the clearer the picture of what he wants us to do becomes. Unfortunately, at times we try playing God’s role by trying to help him fashion out how He would bring his purposes to reality in our lives. His thoughts are really not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8). Once it is clear that it is God who has laid this burden in your heart, how He is going to actualize it is up to him. You just keep committing it unto him in prayer. Follow his lead and see how he would make all things beautiful in his own time.

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